GOLD MINING is harmful for people and the environment. Everyday gold miners are exposed to highly toxic chemicals and unbearable working conditions… But for many people gold mining is the only way to earn some money. Earthbeat Foundation sets out to diversify the sources of income for gold miners and raises awareness among gold consumers and the industry. Let’s start a GOLDEN CHANGE together!




Robert is a hydrologist by profession, but has been as a miner since 1988. He is one of the leading creative minds of the community. His visions and ideas for the future set essential goals for his peers towards an independent and dignified life. One of his important future projects is the production of honey through sustainable bee-keeping. His main concern is to create alternative sources of income.


Frederic is 49 years old and has been working in gold mines all his life. “Pits are deep. And they are susceptible to collapsing as you go deeper. Sometimes we are forced to go up to 60 ft deep. When the groundwater rises and cannot be pumped off fast enough, the walls get too soft and collapse…”



Joseph has been working in the mines for about 20 years. To provide for himself and his family, he is “ever busy”. During the rainy season, when gold mining is not possible, he works in the garden. “My dream is for us to be ok…”


is fighting passionately for the women miners’ rights and is convinced that education plays a key role in that development. She is the treasurer of one of the women miners associations and works part time as a teacher. The mother of four children is hopeful for the upcoming Heartbeat Uganda projects: “what we have been looking for, for a long time has fallen directly into our hands!”


Betty has four children. Although she works in the mine every day, she is barely able to support her family or send her offspring to school. In order to provide the basics, she grows vegetables in her garden. The challenges she faces are plenty.


Simon has been working in the mines since he was a child. He is now head of one of the miners’ groups. When we asked him about his thoughts about mining and alternatives like agriculture he said: “I would walk to mining, but run to farming!” No doubt that he prefers the latter.


Mary is a mother and a central female person in the gold mining community of her village. As the treasurer of her mining group (SWIMA) is a very responsible and reliable person. Besides working in the mines, she sustains herself with a herd of goats. Like most of her peers, Mary strives for a life without the hazardous risks of mining.

Our Supporters

Jurij Mind Me

Pheew, we really couldn’t have done it without Jurij! The freelance graphic designer from Kazakhstan and Berlin has helped us with so many fantastic things, like graphic design, photoshop, technical know how and pretty much everything! Check out his website with some really interesting street art:

Jonathan Schmidt-Ott

Jonathan came with us on our trip to Uganda! He helped us document all our amazing impressions and was always in the right place at the right place to capture everything we saw in film and photo. He also did a wonderful job filming and editing our documentary.


Kling Klang Klong

The sound studio for music and interactive design based in Berlin, Kling Klang Klong, has created the perfect sound and music for our documentary film about the trip to Uganda and the local people. Watch the movie and see for yourself the beautiful sounds of Kling Sound Klong. More of Kling Klang Klong here:  

Goldener Westen

The Berlin design agency Goldener Westen has greatly helped us with the design of our Instagram clips about the dark side of the gold… You can find the amazing clips on our Facebook and Instagram page and on our Youtube channel. Head over to the Goldener Westen Homepage to see many more cool designs here:

Serap Kara

Serap Kara advises lifestyle brands and non-profit organisations on how to develop sustainable value chains with a focus on global resources and social impact. At the interface of economy, ecology and lifestyle she has worked with founders in the jewelry, fashion and creative industry to promote a global awareness for resources and craftsmanship. Her passion is to create holistic value chains that harmonise systems for future generations.

Loris Kempchen

Currently pursuing his master’s degree in international development, Loris is deeply concerned about and involved with local development in sub-Saharan Africa. Greatly interested in issues of global environmental justice.  Not only through his scientific background, but also due to his many trips to Africa, Loris is a great supporter of Earthbeat’s HEARTBEAT UGANDA project.


Ruben Lagies

Ruben travelled the world to work on several projects that aimed to save and protect local craftsmanship and communities. In this context, he also supports the Earthbeat Foundation with documentation and photography on our Uganda journeys. He also began his studies as an Interior designer at Burg Giebichenstein, known as one of the best art universities in Germany. Ruben believes that production and design need to be in line with respect and fairness.