The Earthbeat Solutions Foundation was founded in 2012 with the aim of creating a legal, safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly use of gold as a raw material. And this for all stakeholders.
In doing so, it is making a decisive contribution to a change in the gold-processing industry.

Gold mining is a highly damaging process – for the environment and the miners. About 20 to 25 million people worldwide work in the Artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) sector. About 100 million people are indirectly part of the supply chain. Only about 20% of the global demand for gold is mined by hand – often without any technical equipment – but 80% of the people are employed in ASGM.
Gold miners are constantly exposed to highly toxic chemicals such as mercury, which are used in gold mining. This has not only fatal consequences for the people, but also a harmful effect on the environment.


„Strengthen the circular Economy to conserve natural resources and thus secure the basis of life for future generations.“

Our vision is to combine the extraction of raw materials for the gold industry in harmony with nature and humanity as to create solutions for a stable future.

In long term this will only be feasible if we are committed to urban mining on the one hand, and also if we create alternative and sustainable sources of income for the estimated 30 million small-scale miners in mines on the other.


Objective I

To empower mine workers to restore run-down and abandoned mine sites for alternative productive use.

Objective II

To achieve middle income status  for five households with practical and measurable initiatives within five years.

Objective III

To strengthen the culture of investment in alternative income-generating activities for the sustainable economic livelihood of mine workers and their families.

Objective IV

To diversify, improve and promote a responsible use of miners’ household incomes.

Objective V

To facilitate a platform for community empowerment (young people, women and older people) by middle-income graduates.

UN Goals

The Earthbeat Solutions Foundation contributes with its projects to 11 of 17 UN Sustainable Developmentgoals.