Liquid Gold! New documentary about our honey project

…Astronauts in the jungle? No! Ugandan Bee-keepers on their way to work is what you see in the beginning Jim Elson’s short documentary “Liquid Gold”. Did you know, that bee’s are less aggressive, when it’s dark and cold outside?

With the support of the foundation FuturZwei Jim portrayed our bee-keeping project “Heartbeat Honey” in August 2018. Honey is already being harvested and can serve as an alternative to gold mining in the community we work with in Busitema Subcounty, Uganda.

The Liquid Honey-business allows people to work and earn some money outside of small-scale gold mining which is the main business executed in that area in Eastern Uganda. On top of that the bee’s help to restore the degraded land with pollination.

But see for yourself! Bzzzzz